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Crafting a wedding day that mirrors your distinct spirit demands the most thoughtful attention to detail. Envisioning your style woven into every facet, – from exquisite place cards and opulent floral arrangements to captivating lighting, lavish linens, and delightful food, beverages, and desserts – is an art in itself.

Our expertise, mastered through years of curating the extraordinary, ensures a relaxed planning experience for you, and a captivating and entertaining experience for your​ guests.

Within our curated packages lies the blank canvas for your customized engagement with ELD. Every available option serves as a catalyst, tailored to spark your imagination in designing your distinctive celebration.

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For couples with discerning tastes and limited time, ELD is your exclusive team of experts on call. From the inception of your vision to the final post-wedding moments, our dedicated team anticipates and responds to your every need every step of your planning journey. 

Navigating the complexities of vendor selection, attending crucial meetings, and making thoughtful choices for the unique elements that will make your wedding day extraordinary and personal will feel effortless with ELD's expertise and unwavering support.

Ultimate Planning

For couples who desire a hands-on approach to their wedding planning journey, but would like expert guidance and support to actualize their dream event, ELD provides a meticulously crafted roadmap ensuring a seamless experience. We are your compass, leading you through the planning landscape and facilitating a smooth path towards your celebration.

More than just recommendations, we help you hand-pick vendors that best align with your vision, your expectations, and your budget. And ELD will be on-hand as your trusted ‘day-of coordinator’ to facilitate and manage every detail on your special day, from the rehearsal to the ceremony to the reception, enabling you to experience the unbridled joy you should feel on your wedding day, confident in the flawless orchestration behind the scenes.

Full Planning + Coordination

Despite meticulous planning, the need for expert hands to actualize your vision becomes apparent. Enter ELD as your trusted day-of coordinators, skillfully orchestrating your rehearsal, ceremony, and reception. Our professional touch ensures a flawless execution, allowing you to savor this moment in time, worry-free, while celebrating with your guests. 

Wedding Management + Coordination 

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